Our Process and Model for Success

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Embracing the concept of “management in motion”, IGH Properties is an active participant in the day to day lives of your tenants, providing them the highest-quality property maintenance while providing you the peace of mind that someone honest, trustworthy, and ethical is protecting your investment.  

Ensuring a safe home for your tenants is paramount to the success of IGH Properties, and we believe firmly that property management is never a passive undertaking. 

Committed to delivering a higher quality of living for your tenants, IGH Properties actively listens to tenant concerns, resolving issues above and beyond the call of duty.  

IGH Properties delivers outstanding maintenance to your tenants through compassionate and responsive resolution to any issues, as well as trustworthy and dedicated services that range from, safety reassurance, and a hands-on approach to everyday upkeep.

White Earth

Let IGH Properties pave your way to turning your home into a worry-free investment opportunity.