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Property Management Georgia

HOA Managment

1. Board Meetings

An IGH Properties representative will attend all scheduled board meetings as the property manager to share community goals and concerns with the board. IGH is responsible for compiling meeting agendas and documentation of meeting minutes. Meeting minutes will be filed with the attorney to be drafted in a legal manner and kept on file. This protects the HOA and holds the property manager accountable.

2. Resident Issues

IGH Properties will address day-to-day community issues. It is IGH’s responsibility to ensure residents are following the community guidelines, all community areas are maintained, and to provide all residents a voice. All residents may communicate 
with me any time day or night to voice ideas or concerns. Once informed of an issue, it will be discussed thoroughly with the resident and brought up to the board. Expert guidance on how to handle and solve potential problems quickly will be provided. All calls and emails should be directed to IGH rather than members of the HOA board. 

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3. Community Inspections & Inspections

IGH Properties will conduct weekly inspections of the community common grounds. This will include making sure vendors are fulfilling contracted responsibilities i.e. grass cutting, pool cleaning, gates being locked, playgrounds are clean etc. IGH property management strives to connect with residents creating a repour to foster open, confidential means of communication.

Housing Development

4. Strengthening the Community/Community Events

When it comes to HOA’s, the strength of the community affects everyone. Collaborating with the HOA Board to provide events that residents can participate in is a great way to make new friends and grow as a community. Potential events such as Easter 
egg hunts, pumpkin patches, decorating the front of the subdivision, and many more are just a few ideas to foster this growth. Establishing a website for the community will help gain notoriety and an additional place for residents to stay connected with the rollout of a monthly newsletter. The goal is to make The Villages of Westgate the best place to live. 

5. Repairs/Vendors

Vendors hired to complete community area maintenance and repairs will be held accountable. All board-approved items the community needs to be done will be completed in a timely manner and will be checked by IGH Properties for quality control purposes. IGH will always work to save the HOA money but will hire the company that does the job right. It is our belief and practice to address all matters correctly to avoid future expenses.

6. Accounting

IGH Properties will be responsible for accounting for all Dues collections and monthly financial statements. All funds collected each year from the residents will be collected through a management application. All funds will be put into an escrow account 
that the board members always have access to with a username and password. Anytime that the board decides to pay for something, a quote and the receipt will be kept on file and uploaded into the management software where the board will have access. The monthly invoice will be sent to all residents and be made available on the website. Transparency is key, and residents 
need to know where their money is going. 

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